Niksic Air-Conditioning and Heating, LLC is a family owned business that has been in business 12 years but has been doing mechanical work for past 22 years. We provide complete mechanical service to customers and specialize in Commercial Industrial HVAC pipe fitting, sheet metal, chillers and boilers as well as kitchen exhaust systems.

We are licensed mechanical contractor in St Louis City and County, St Charles County, State of New Mexico and State of Iowa.

Following is a small list of many jobs we are doing and have completed;

Project: Moderation and Automatizations for James House Project
Contract Amount $1,920,000.00
Example of HVAC Scope: 1-240 ton air cool turbo cord chiller R-134 A/ Mag level compactors, 135 vertical stock fan coils FCU 1-23 with valve packaging and controls, VAV’s, and gas piping .

Project: Euclid Plaza
Contract Amount $201,942.00
Example of HVAC Scope: Provided and installed new 10 gallon expansion tank, back flow preventer and pressure reducer with shut off valves. Provided and installed speed control devices for existing exhaust fans. Provided and installed new Arco Boiler B-2 including all necessary pumps P-1 P-2 including accessories, piping and valves.

Project: LDS Nauvoo
Contract Amount $111,000.00
Example of HVAC Scope: 4-10 ton condensing units 208/V3PH R-410A, 2-20 ton each air handling units with subase, 2-7.5 ton each condensing units 208/V 3 PH, installation of 80,000 BTU furnace and 100,000 BTU furnace.

Project: Cool Fire- Hadley Dean
Contract Amount $254,730.00
Example of HVAC Scope: 10- 7 ½ ton split system, 3- 3 ton ductless system, 10- sets of refrigerant piping system , 20- 10,000 BTU gas furnace.

Project: Islamic Center- Weidman
Contract Amount $157,733.00
Example of HVAC Scope: 6 roof top units CARRIER with all access doors and vibration seismic curb, 3 power exhaust fans EF-1-2-3 with associated ductwork and grilles, 11 fire dampers with sleeves and retainers sleeves, 6 duct smoke detectors including remote annunciators.

Project: Oak Knoll Assisted Living
Contract Amount $129,130.00
Example of HVAC Scope: 1- 12 1/2 ton rooftop gas/electric unit, 2- 5 ton each rooftop gas electric units, 3- Economizer with barometric relief, 3- 100 k btu each 95% AFUE gas furnace, 3- Duct smoke detectors, 173- Radiation ceiling damper.

Project: Petonville Schools
Contract Amount $428,161.00
Example of HVAC Scope:
Demo and disposed 2 roof top units. Provided and installed 2 air cooled chillers per plans and specs. Interlocked existing MAV with new controls. Provided and installed 3 VAV complete with controls.

Project: Helix Center
Contract Amount $ 449,860.00
Example of HVAC Scope:
1-VAV 1 laboratory exhaust fan, 1-ACCU1 (Air cooled A/C unit), 1-B1 & B2 boiler, 20 hot water coils (TRANE), 33 VAV terminal boxes, 208 TITUS air devices.

We have also done many Schools and Prevailing Wage projects.

Here at Niksic we believe that the relationship with our customers is the most important reason for our success. We are the complete source for all of the heating and cooling needs that may be needed. Our commitment to you is the most important thing to us, Period!

We would appreciate the opportunity and privilege of being your personal heating and cooling company for many years to come.